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“A year ago our daughter started going to see Dr. Bailey to get braces and fix where she was missing a permanent tooth. A couple of weeks ago she went to her monthly visit. As she was coming down the stairs after her checkup you would have thought that she was just crowned Miss America. She smiled and showed me her replacement tooth. She went immediately home and put on her status on Facebook that she was no longer a hillbilly. Thank you Dr. Bailey for putting a smile back on my daughter.”

- Lisa T.

“Dr. Bailey made my smile better than ever! When I was a child I went to a different orthodontist who told me there was nothing he could do to fix my crooked teeth. As a teenager I decided to invest in veneers to hide my problem but they just looked fake. As an adult I decided to try Dr. Bailey. Not only did he straighten my teeth, he also gave me something to smile about. I LOVE my smile!”

- Marcie M.

“Dr. Grant Bailey is truly amazing. My daughter had a huge open bite and we had little hope of it being fully corrected. If you could only see her now! Her teeth and smile are gorgeous. Dr. Bailey was knowledgeable and flexible, and willing to try new things to fix the problem. Our appointments were fast and efficient, the office staff friendly and professional. We could not ask for a better orthodontist. In fact, I was so impressed with how my daughter’s smile turned out that I, at 40, have gone to Dr. Bailey for my own set of braces! I highly recommend Dr. Grant Bailey.”

- Kirsten M.

“My son came to Dr. Bailey after we made the mistake of going to a popular dentist who was not an orthodontist. He was appalled at the work of the previous professional and vowed he would do everything in his power to help my son. True to his word! Dr. Bailey has corrected my son’s bite and now he has a beautiful smile he is proud of! He has done the same for five other family members. Thank you Dr. Bailey!”

- Rosa G.

“As a mother and established professional I was worried about the process of braces and if the outcome would be worth the time, expense, and discomfort. I am VERY happy that I sought a consultation and decided to walk the orthodontic journey with Dr. Bailey and his team. They made the process pleasurable and you should see my beautiful smile. This mom’s teeth look like a hot twentysomething’s! Thanks Dr. Bailey and his team!”

- Jenn I.

“I love my new smile! The reasons why I recommend this office:

  • Dr. Bailey and his staff were energetic and friendly.
  • Dr. Bailey’s attention to detail to create the best possible smile.
  • They scheduled appointments around my crazy schedule.
  • I can’t say enough positive about Dr. Bailey and his staff.

“Thank you!!”

- Amanda R.

“Dr. Bailey and his staff have been really great. I had an under bite and some teeth that needed to be straightened. Dr. Bailey has done a great job at straightening my teeth. I love my new smile and the way that I look. I needed to have surgery to correct my under bite. When my surgery date needed to be rushed forward Dr. Bailey was great about getting me fixed up and ready for surgery in a short amount of time. After getting my bite fixed and teeth straightened I could not stop smiling. I would recommend Dr. Bailey and his staff to anyone!”

- Steven C.

“Both of my children had orthodontic work with Dr. Bailey. My daughter was the first to need extensive orthodontic work, and not being an expert in the orthodontic field, I didn’t realize there was a big difference between the care and results of each orthodontist. Before finding Dr. Bailey, I actually started my child with another orthodontist in the area. After a few months, I realized that I was not getting the results I expected, so I transferred to Dr. Bailey. From the first visit, he sat me down and in great detail, explained what needed to be done with my daughter and how long it would take and the results I would see. I transferred immediately to Dr. Bailey and have been so grateful for the work he has done on both of my children.

“The office atmosphere is warm and welcoming, as well as very clean and sanitary. One thing I really appreciated about taking my children to Dr. Bailey was working with the office manager with my insurance. She knew more about my benefits. She filed my insurance, always kept me aware of what was being paid by them, and was so helpful in working with me on setting up a monthly payment schedule. Dr. Bailey’s clinical assistants are fabulous. They always made my children feel comfortable and at ease as they came to their monthly visits. But, something I really appreciated about the assistants was that they were always there to help him. I noticed Dr. Bailey took time to examine and evaluate each patient.

“It’s been a few years since my children have gotten their braces removed. Their teeth are still straight and beautiful; and I was so happy with their results that I decided to get braces with Dr. Bailey! I would highly AND GLADLY recommend him to anyone looking for orthodontic care for their children and themselves.”

- Kathleen M.

“I really love my teeth. They look so perfect. Dr. Bailey and his friendly staff did such a marvelous job! I was looking for an orthodontist and my friend mentioned to have Dr. Bailey look at my teeth, but I was a little apprehensive about driving the 30 miles to their office. After my first visit I was put at east with their pleasant attitude and the time they took to answer all my questions. Dr. Bailey and his staff are so friendly it made me feel welcome to every visit. The care and meticulous attention to details, making sure all my teeth were just perfect; it was amazing how fast it went. So naturally when my son needed braces, Dr. Bailey was the only place for me. Thank you so much!”

- Lillie M.

“Every time I look at our sons' absolutely beautiful smiles, I just can hardly believe the amazing transformation you have accomplished with both of them. We can never thank you enough for working so diligently through the years with Jay and Matt, and it has been such a pleasure getting to know you and your wonderful staff. Please know that we truly appreciate all you have done for us.”

- Bob and Cary

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